A Happier Hack Day Community Hack

If you haven’t heard about Happier’s Hack Day, you can read Nataly’s awesome account of it (and check out her kick-ass hack project) here. Not only was this Happier’s first ever Hack Day, but it was mine as well. From what I’d always heard, Hack Days were only for developers, and not everyone at Happier writes code… 🙂

Being the Community and Social Media Lead here, Hack Day gave me the opportunity to do something really incredible for our awesome Happier community. Plus, it gave me a chance to do some arts and crafts — my fave! So, two glue sticks and multiple orange pens later, my hack project was complete.

Happier Hack Day

Some lucky Happiers have an awesome surprise coming to their mailbox: a card made out of some of their most awesome happy moments (personalized of course), with 3 additional copies so they can share Happier with their friends. Because sharing makes people happier. And also because who doesn’t love getting snail mail that’s not a bill?

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