My Bad Day Gone Happier

If you’re here on Happier, you know that life is made up of moments — happy and not-so-happy ones — and that not every day is a great one. Last week I was having a bad day. I overslept and woke up late. I was out of almond butter for my toast (trust me: a day without almond butter is not even a day as far as I’m concerned). Every outfit I tried on was all wrong. Then, in my haste to get out the door in time to make the bus, I spun around too fast and ran right into a wall. It hurt. I cried. I was totally frustrated. And yes, I missed the bus.

I arrived at Happier HQ and things were still off. I was still feeling down from my difficult morning and I just could not shake my funk.

Some of the Happier team took off to grab lunch and it was just me, Nataly, CEO Junior and Laura left in the office. An extremely rare girls-only occurrence at Happier HQ. So we cranked the tunes and sooner than I care to admit, ‘Call me Maybe’ came on. And then this happened:

Call me Maybe Dance Party

Turns out a super-awesome dance party can go a long way toward making a bad day better. So I posted a happy moment about it.

Kimberly's happy dance party moment

And then Nataly posted a happy moment about it.

Nataly's happy dance party moment

And for the rest of the day, I started to see and appreciate the small happy things happening around me, even on my bad day.

We’ve all been there. Not all days are good ones. And sometimes it can be really hard to be happy. But finding even the smallest happy thing on a bad day can totally change your outlook and make for a Bad Day Gone Happier.

We’d love to hear your Bad Day Gone Happier stories, so we’ve created this super awesome web form to do just that. Sharing your story will definitely inspire our Happier community, and, chances are, it will make you smile, too.

Share your Bad Day Gone Happier story – we may just feature it on Happier

4 thoughts on “My Bad Day Gone Happier

  1. When I first heard your NPR interview several months ago, it seemed that the conclusion of your research was that the surest path to happiness was the ability to reframe bad days and bad thought processes. I am thrilled to see this new format!!

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