The best part about doing interviews….

… is seeing some of our Happiers’ happy moments featured on the big screen!

Can I be honest with you guys for a second?

Doing press interviews is really hard.

It may seem all glamorous and fun, and there are absolutely some fun parts, like getting my makeup done and looking way less tired than I usually do. But you have to answer hard questions, think fast, smile even when you really don’t want to, remember the key messages you want to say even when no one asks you about them, and you know, sound smart and represent the company in the best way.

Last week I went to NYC to do a TV interview on Bloomberg. It was live so I didn’t see what was on screen behind me and it wasn’t until I got back to the office the next day that I realized that some of our users’ happy moments made it on the big screen!

I was so excited I squealed (yes, in an embarrassing teenage girl way). But seriously, that is the absolutely best part of doing any press when I can share something about our awesome community. Here’s one (very low quality) screenshot from the interview:


But it gets even cooler! See the awesome blueberries that I am sure made Bloomberg viewers happier? Jon, who shared the moment, saw it in the segment and shared this moment about it:


That made my day and so did the fact that a few more of our Happiers saw their moments on the big screen and shared happy moments about it.

Thank you guys for being part of Happier, for making this all possible, and for sharing your happy moments – including these ones above – with our community and our team at Happier!

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