If you could ask me anything, what would you like to know?

For the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of my time answering questions from journalists.


(Here’s a photo of me very seriously answering some questions on Bloomberg TV, while a huge smiley face is behind me:)

We’ve been very lucky with some press attention recently — and very grateful for it! — and I’ve probably talked to 25 different people at this point to answer questions like:

Do you think Happier can actually make people happier?

If Facebook makes us miserable because we look at our friends’ endlessly happy status updates and compare them to our own regular lives, how will Happier not make this worse?

Does the world need a social network that is all about positive things or is it just saccharine? (I had to look up that one, by the way).

And many more. Some are great, some are frustrating. Many allow us to tell our story and share our vision for Happier and why we think it is very much unlike saccharine in that it’s goal is to do something pretty freaking important (as supported by so much science I wish more people would believe it). Some make us think and these are the best.

But here’s what answering all these press questions has made me realize:

I would love to know what questions you, our awesome Happier users, have for me and for Happier!

We love press attention and we need to to spread the word about Happier and get more people to join our community, but you are what’s most important to us and so if you there is something you’d like to ask, something you’re curious about, something you’d like to know – about me, Happier, the team, our vision, our ideas, or anything else – shoot! Yes, you can ask me anything, like am I actually happy-go-lucky all the time or where the obsession with orange comes from. You can ask pretty much anything you want.

Please post your question in the comments or email nataly at happier dot com. I’ll pick a few and answer them in a series of blog posts over the coming weeks (and pull in some of our awesome team for some as well!) So bring ’em on, Happiers!

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