Welcome to Happier 2.0!

For the past five months since we launched the Happier app, we’ve listened to your feedback and watched this amazing Happier community take shape. You inspired us to think about how to make Happier easier, faster, more fun and, yes, happier. I speak for the entire Happier team when I tell you that we are grateful for your feedback and ideas and mostly, for how much you care about making Happier an awesome experience for everyone.

We’re beyond excited today to introduce Happier 2.0!

discoverHere’s what’s new:

Easier ways to connect with friends. You can now follow anyone whose happy moments inspire you as well as look for friends by name, in addition to email, contacts or Facebook. Have fun connecting with other awesome Happiers!

Fewer steps to share happy and cleaner overall layout. We’ve made it more fun and way faster to share your happy moments on just one screen and added frames so you can include more than one photo.

Simplified privacy options. Share your moments with anyone in Happier, including friends who follow you. If you like, make your account private to approve who can follow you. (And no worries, any happy moments you shared before will only be visible to friends you had in Happier 1.0.)


Brand new celebrations that will make you smile. (OK, maybe even grin.) There’s no way we’re giving away the surprise so you’ll just have to share some happy moments to see them. – Happy moments from your past. Be reminded about what made you happier and inspired to find more happy moments in your day.

More awesome quotes, fun challenges, and featured collections in Discover. You told us you dig them and we listened!

– See a moment that really inspires you? Tap “me-too” and share it to your friends to spread some happy.

We are excited to share Happier 2.0 with you and eager to hear your feedback. As always, you can reach us at team@happier.com.

(And don’t forget to check out http://www.happier.com – we promise it will make you smile! Android users, we hope you’ll join us there too!)

Thank you and happy sharing!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Happier 2.0!

  1. Hey there!

    This update and a “1-new-update-in-the-app-store” badge on my phone led me to this great discovery. I am overly excited about this huge release and it works flawlessly. The ability to attach multiple photos is simply great. The new look and feel is great as well.

    The only thing I can add is: “Sit back, take a deep breath and see how the community pours gratitude and happiness from everywhere in the world.”

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  4. Speaking of Android… My friend just told me about Happier.. and I was sad to find it isn’t on Android. When do you expect it to be available for Android? I am overly anxious to get this app! 🙂 Thanks! p.s. I would be happy if Happier was on Android. 🙂

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