A Happier mystery solved!

giftSo you guys remember how a few weeks ago I gushed about an awesome Happier user who sent us this kickass poster as a gift to the team?

The gift came without a name on the card or the package so we embarked on a mission to try and find out who sent it to us. We asked our community on FB and Twitter, but came out without an answer.

And then, a week later, I was on a call with Debi F., another awesome Happier, learning about what she liked about us and what we could improve to make her Happier experience even better. I shared with her the story of us receiving the poster as a gift and she said: “That was Eike!”

And by this she meant, Eike M., whom she had met on Happier and with whom she had become good friends.

You can check with Debi if you like but I squealed with excitement. I and the team were so touched by our surprise gift that it was bugging me to not know who it was from. Eike, you truly made our day and I am grateful to be able to share our Happier community with you.

Thank you from the whole Happier team. You rock!

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