Happier and The Huffington Post Challenge #3: Get creative!

It’s been really awesome to read the happy moments you’ve shared as part of our partner challenges with The Huffington Post this week. Yesterday’s challenge was to share a happy moment about taking time for yourself and catching your breath.

Here are a few of the ones you’ve shared:

:Take Time Challenge Take Time Challenge

To see more happy moments for this challenge, please click here.

Today’s challenge is on one of my favorite life themes: being more creative. A lot of research has shown that people who express themselves creatively benefit by being more positive and having fewer health issues. I also think it’s just a more fun way to live your life so I invite you to share your happy moments for today’s challenge:


To share your happy moment, please visit www.happier.com and click on the challenge banner or download the Happier mobile app for your iPhone and visit the Discover tab.

2 thoughts on “Happier and The Huffington Post Challenge #3: Get creative!

  1. Hi there Marina! There’s a challenge collection already set up for you called ‘creativity challenge’. Feel free to use that or whatever you’d like is fine. Can’t wait to see your happy moments 🙂

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