3 things that make us happier

In our ever-present quest to make the world a happier place we bring you this week’s installment of things that make us happier. Enjoy!

Beautiful Hidden Beaches
Beautiful Hidden Beaches
If the temperatures here in Boston are any indication, this week has been hot! So hot, that we couldn’t help but daydream about escaping to one of these gorgeous hidden-gem beaches. If you’ve managed to get to a favorite beach, let us know! Post a moment in Happier and tell us about it. We promise not to be too jealous.

Infographic: The Ultimate History of Sneaker Design
Infographic: The Ultimate History of Sneaker Design
Who doesn’t love sneakers? We certainly do. And we love seeing how far they’ve come in terms of design and fashion. By that we mean, ‘Hey Reebok Pump! 1989 is calling.’

Ricotta Crostini Party
Ricotta Crostini Party
So have you noticed our food obsession yet? It’s no secret that ‘eating awesome food’ is one of our very favorite collections in Happier. The only thing we love more than eating great food, talking about great food, and reading about great food, is a great simple summer twist on an old standby. Lowly crostini? This is your prime time baby!

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