What makes you happier, Lexi?

Talking with Lexi was like getting a ray of sunshine right through the phone! I’m pretty sure I had a ridiculous grin on my face the entire time we were talking because she is just that awesome! But don’t take my word for it. Check out what makes Lexi happier and I dare you not to be happier yourself after reading it 🙂

So, what makes you happier, Lexi?
Everything has the power to make me happier! I’m not saying I’m easily amused, which I am, but I find happiness in everything! Setting my alarm to a great song can make me happy all day. Life is too awesome to sweat what is not in our control. Nataly [the co-founder of Happier] had a vision to make everyone see the little things & I, like her, have been doing that since I was little. I have a colorful mind & vision to share with the world & that in itself makes me grateful & happier.

What makes you happier, Lexi?

Lexi’s adorable family and too cute kiddo.

Describe your perfect day.
My perfect day cannot be described. As long as it has some yoga in it or a chance for meditation I am game for anything!  I love the mystery & spontaneity this life unfolds for us.

What have you learned about happiness that you wish you knew when you were younger?
I found out young how to achieve happiness. I, like every young girl, still struggled with wanting the cool clothes & popular crowd to like me, but I realized I was original and that I had something no one else had & that was my own self.  I do wish more people saw that happiness is always around if we take the time to see what we hold within. Our society is so goal-oriented. We all seem to be on this fast track of success & I, fortunately, blessed or destined, escaped that way of living. My friends & family always ask how I can be happy making so little money & working so hard, and I tell them that doing what I do brings those around me happiness as well as myself. The richest I’ve ever been was my very first massage client or my very first yoga class. Whether people do what I do or whether they go to work for the law, or in the medical industry, or as a barista at Starbucks, they know what a simple smile does & they know what it feels like to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s just up to them to recognize it.

The little things

If you could have anyone — past or present — in your yoga class, who would it be?
Past: I would love to have my grandparents see me teach. They see me now I’m sure, but to have them witness what they knew I possessed would be something unforgettable! Present: I would love my parents to come & watch me. To know that yoga works. Whether it’s mentally, emotionally or physically. They could use some time out of their heads, for sure! I thought of picking great leaders or someone famous, but they are just as normal as me, they’ve just been called to those roles & to do something great. My family are the ones that need that grain of knowledge, & everyday I give them a chance to see my path. That goes for everyone I encounter, really.

What’s your go-to when you need a dose of happy?
My daughter. I will go sit in her room when she is at school & just listen to the light. From the pink paint on her walls, to the energy she puts in her toys, I feel at ease & I am instantly grateful & reminded of the innocence we’ve all had & can still have. The mind of a child puts things back in perspective & I live life with that in mind & heart. An old soul with the ability to break out the slip’n slide on a whim!

What do you dig about Happier?
I dig seeing that the littlest things make people smile. Things that I haven’t yet noticed are being noticed! The yoga community, like any, still has drama! We aren’t all enlightened as some think! Haha. So, to see someone in Egypt or in Iowa enjoying & sharing a sunset fuels my day. I’m grateful to share little bits of my life with strangers & I hope to make a difference in any way I can for them! Happiness works!

One thought on “What makes you happier, Lexi?

  1. Happiness is addicting and contagious and all that good stuff. Like a junkie and wanting to share happiness with others I look for like minded people….so we can tackle those folks that need a little pick me up. Searching today and finding this blog brought a smile to my face. Seeing Boston in the post made me smile even more because I am outside of Providence! Thanks for all the happy energy your blog brought me!

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