Mission accomplished

Happier secret missionIf you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen our stealthy request for volunteers for a secret mission to take place yesterday. Well, mission accomplished.

We had a blast with the crew from The Chronicle and the best part, some of our awesome Boston-based users stopped by and we got to meet them, real-life, in-person! This is super exciting for us, because we see your happy moments and we feel like we start to know you. And to actually get to know you makes us really, truly happier.


Meet Michele. She and Kimberly had way too much fun talking about which Boston restaurants make them happier. Oh, and she made a super cool Vine highlighting the (numerous) giraffes of Happier HQ. 

And our new Happier friends even got some time on-air to gush about all things Happier and why they love it (and we hope now us too) so much.


This is Liz. She was a natural in front of the camera. We think that when she’s not pursuing her PhD at Harvard University she’s actually a professional in the film biz.

We’ll let you know when it’s scheduled to air and for those of you not in New England we’ll be sure to post a video so you can see the entire Happier team and our new Happier friends in our official television debut.

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