When our Happiers make us smile (and blush, and feel grateful)

giftIt’s been a busy and tiring few weeks. OK, the truth is that being a CEO of a young start-up means every week is busy and tiring. But the past few have been kicking my butt in a particularly tough way.

So when I walked into the Happier office the other day and saw a package on my desk, I perked up — I love surprises! But I had no idea just how much I was going to love this one.

It was a gift from one of our Happiers in Germany, an awesome, inspiring stick-on poster (which now proudly hangs on the side of our fridge, the most trafficked part of the office.) When I read the note that came with the poster, for a few moments, I was completely overcome:

As Happier makes my day happier every day, I thought this would make Happier happier.

Wow, thank you! We work really really hard to build Happier into something that actually helps our Happiers be more positive, smile more, notice the small happy moments in every day, and yes, be happier. To know that we’re able to do this is truly the best gift we can hope for.

As soon as I hung up the poster I went to grab a thank you card to send to our awesome Happier user who made us all smile big. And then I realized that there was no name on the card or anywhere on the gift. If you are reading this, our awesome Happier in Germany, please reach out – nataly at happier dot com is my email. It would make us beyond happier to get to know you and send you a fun Happier thank you.

3 thoughts on “When our Happiers make us smile (and blush, and feel grateful)

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