Around the world

When we introduced Happier stickers we had no idea that they were going to be the ‘it’ item of the summer! We started giving them to friends and family and before we knew it they were appearing in happy moments and more and more people started asking how they too could get some Happier stickers to help spread some smiles.

So we set up a request form. Simple and easy. You give us your name and mailing address, and when you least expect it, a special Happier delivery arrives in your mailbox.

Happier stickers go globalWe were just getting our next shipment ready (so be on the lookout soon if you’ve requested some!) and did a double take when we saw the many international journeys the Happier stickers will be taking en route to their new homes! From Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to Finland and the UAE, our stickers will be getting quite the frequent flyer mileage before they reach their ultimate destination: making the whole world a happier place!

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