How our friends at MongoHQ made us Happier

This post is slightly different than most on this blog. It’s quite a bit more technical, talking about some engineering and technology topics. Why is it here?

We had a service outage in June 2013 that made many of our users, and of course the entire Happier team, very unhappy. But in that time of stress and frustration, we made new friends with some MongoHQ employees, and they made us happier.

MongoDB logo

MongoHQ is a startup in California. They provide database hosting services for a product called MongoDB, which is an open-source database. Happier uses this to store most of our data, such as our happy moments, smiles, comments, and more. If this database is down or not working, our applications don’t work, and users cannot share happy moments. No one wants that.

Although the Happier team can usually handle its technical issues by itself, once in a while issues arise outside our realm of expertise. In those times, it’s extremely valuable to be able to call on expert help, as we did. We want to give Jason and Matt McCay at MongoHQ a major shout-out and say thank you, for working with us on nights and weekends, resolving our issues as best they (or anyone) could, and getting Happier back online.

We won’t go into the gristly technical details here. Suffice it to say that thanks to our friends at MongoHQ, we never lost any happy moments (or other data), never had any security issues, and ended up on shiny new hardware servers, making the application faster, more reliable, and more fun to use.

That makes everyone Happier 🙂 Thanks you, MongoHQ friends!

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