What makes you happier, Jayne?

Meet Jayne. She’s one of our awesome Happier users who runs marathons, loves dogs, and has a master’s degree in New Media. We got her to stop running and throwing a tennis ball long enough to sit down and talk to us about what makes her happier.

So, what makes you happier, Jayne?
I have two dogs, Connor and Gracie, and I love recognizing the things that make them happy. My husband, Jason, and I joke about their list of favorite things all the time: sausage, running in the woods, the beach, finding something to roll in at the beach, and their golden retriever-friend Barney. It’s funny that what makes me happier (black raspberry ice cream, running, and great friends and family) isn’t that much more complex than what makes dogs happier.

What makes Jayne happier?What’s your go-to when you need a boost of happiness?
Definitely a run with one of my dogs. Bonus if ice cream is also involved.

Describe your perfect happy day.
Sunny and 80 degrees, and I would go for an effortless yet super-fast run along the beach. In Hawaii. And then I’d hike a volcano with Jason, the dogs, and all of my friends. We’d stumble upon a bowl of ice cream (noticing a theme here?) and a cure for cancer… possibly a baby polar bear.

Have you realized something about being happier that you didn’t know when you were younger?
Mainly that I’m in control of it. It’s a decision that I have the power to make on a moment-by-moment basis.

We noticed a lot of incredibly delicious-looking photos in your ‘eating awesome food’ collection. What’s your favorite happy food of all time?
I’m afraid this sounds lame, but I make an awesome breakfast smoothie with fresh cherries, raspberries, avocado, and milk that’s perfect after a hot run.

As an avid social media consumer, what makes Happier different?
The design is smooth, light, clean, and clear. You open the app and immediately know what to do. I downloaded it thinking I might use it once a week or so, but I turn to it multiple times every day! It reminds me of a fresh, bright, and well-composed bowl of fruit salad (that’s a good thing). Happier Design Team: really nice work!

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