Meeting the Happier team: Parker, our lead backend engineer (and tallest person on the team)

photo_parkerI thought it was time to introduce you to another member of the kickass Happier team I get to be part of every day: Parker Jones, our lead backend engineer. (I should mention that in addition to being an awesome developer and the tallest person on ouIMG_7647r team, Parker also holds the distinction of starting our Happier giraffe collection.)

So Parker, what do you do at Happier? I manage the backend, which means storing and delivering everyone’s happy moments in an orderly fashion.

Who did you want to be growing up? I’ve always known I wanted to end up in computers somehow.  I never had any idea of the direction the industry would take; writing software to sell or improve the mindset of a large number of people through a handheld device would have sounded like something out of Star Trek.

Hidden (or not so hidden) talent: Reaching things that are about 4″ higher than anyone else in the office.  A talent that’s been ruthlessly exploited since my first day in the office.

One skill you’d love to have: Fluency in a foreign language.  I have nearly zero capacity for learning other languages, despite several attempts.

When you’re not at Happier, you’re most likely… in New Haven, CT, playing soccer or video games.

Favorite work perk? As an actual perk, it’d have to be Happier Hour.  But Happier is not awesome because of our activities and extras. I get to work with people who are both awesome in their domain and genuinely fun to be around. It’s a rare combination in an individual; to have built a team full of them is pretty unique.

Few authors you love: Joshua Bloch, Edmund Jorgensen, William Sleator, Robert Pirsig.

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re hungry. You reach for… whatever I have a giant box of from Costco. Right now, that’s granola bars.

If you missed it, check out my interview with Ian, our lead iOS developer.

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