Here are 1 million reasons to smile :)

OK, so this is pretty freaking awesome:

Our Happier community has inspired and shared 1 MILLION SMILES!


You guys know that we are on a crazy ambitious mission to inspire millions of people to be happier in their everyday lives. And while a simple smile won’t on its own make you happier, finding more things in your day to smile about is something we work hard to help you do. So we’re pretty excited about reaching this milestone, which we hope is one of many to come. 7bad84dfc0e99b8355cda9d3f95f3925_a

And since I know the team was excited to find out and you guys will too, please meet Samantha, our 1 millionth smiler!

One of the things we’re most thrilled about as more and more people use Happier is the community that’s emerged and that’s growing every day. I had a rough day the other day and I found myself jumping into Discover to read some of the happy moments being shared, forgetting for a minute that you know, I’m part of this company. For a bit there I was just part of our community and it felt incredible.

So THANK YOU, our awesome Happier community. For sharing your happy moments with us and each other and for inspiring 1 million smiles from Happier users. The next time you share a happy moment remember that it has the potential to turn someone’s bad day into good, to give someone a reason to smile when they need it, or simply to make someone else just a bit happier 🙂

Photo on 5-3-13 at 2.29 PM

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