When I get to use “mirror neurons” and “anti-brag” in an interview about Happier I am.. happy!


Photo from Boston Magazine, Illustration by Liz Noftle

Today was a fun day at Happier. The morning started with this great write up about us in Boston Magazine. Woohoo! As a young company anything that helps us spread the words is great.

A few minutes after I see the story online I get a call from Boston Public Radio producers inviting me to come and do a live interview. Today. I wouldn’t dare so no to this so I re-arrange meetings and calls and make my way there (sporting my crazy orange giraffe ring, of course.)

I’ve done some TV interviews before but never live radio and whoa, this was really fun. No, seriously, not kidding. I had a lot of fun and how could I not when I got to talk not only about Happier, what inspires us, and how users inspire us, but also about:

  •  Overusing of the word “awesome” (I don’t actually call it overusing…).
  • Mirror neurons and how they fire when you see someone smiling, making you feel happier even if you’re grumpy.
  • Why a happy moment in Happier is an “anti-brag” to the overly braggy status updates we see too often on Facebook.
  • How my mom texting me during the interview to say I sound wonderful is the most epic happy moment EVER (especially because she is a classical pianist who uses her iPhone mostly for phone calls…)

Here’s the link to the interview in case you want to have a listen – starts around minute 16:30 or so.

Be awesome!



2 thoughts on “When I get to use “mirror neurons” and “anti-brag” in an interview about Happier I am.. happy!

  1. Heard your interview. Neurons fired, I joined to be your first Gloucester member! WhooHoo.
    Nataly you your Team ROCKS!

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