Stop trying so hard to be happy and just….be.


So, there’s this article we read: The Problem With Happiness. It talks about several studies in which researchers showed that trying to be happy is actually making people less happy. For example:

In one study, people were asked a number of questions about how much they value happiness and how much they believe it is important to work toward being happy. People putting the greatest emphasis on being happy reported 50% less frequent positive emotions, 35% less satisfaction about their life, and 75% more depressive symptoms than people that had their priorities elsewhere.

We couldn’t agree with the article more. We created Happier based on the idea that chasing some big nirvana state of happiness does absolutely nothing to make us happier — and sometimes, like researchers have shown, achieves the opposite.

Focusing on small happy moments in every day life and appreciating them, connecting with friends and people you care about, doing nice things for others, spending time with positive people — these are the behaviors that multiple studies have shown actually do make people happier, more positive and optimistic.

So stop trying so hard! Meet a friend for coffee, have a great sandwich, thank a co-worker who did a great job and made your life easier today. Sit still for a minute at your desk, in your car, or outside and appreciate something big or small. We promise that the minute you stop trying so hard to be happy, the happier you’ll be.

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