Help us support Boston and The One Fund


Dear Happier and Boston community,

Happier is a Boston-based happiness company, so when our beloved city was torn apart by the Marathon tragedy our hearts were broken. But we were uplifted by the countless acts of courage, kindness and the outpouring of support for Boston we saw from our community in Happier. (We shared a few of these moments on our blog a few days later.)

We believe that moments of beauty and goodness and yes, even happiness, can be found in even the bleakest of situations. Help us help those who need our support by telling us how Boston makes you happier.

For every happy moment you share in Happier during the week of May 13th about how living in Boston or working in Boston or just thinking about Boston makes you happier, we’ll donate $1 to The One Fund.

The Boston moments you share will become part of a Traveling Wall Of Happy Moments that we hope to share with the hospitals that helped the injured and are continuing to help the healing. Life is made up of moments. Share yours with us. Together we can make Boston stronger — and happier — again.

Please share your happy moments from the Happier app. To download it, please click here.

Thank you,

Nataly & the Happier Team

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