What makes you happier, Brian Kalma?

We’re pretty psyched to talk to Brian Kalma this week and find out what makes him happier. Not only do we think he’s a pretty awesome part of the start-up scene in Boston (currently cranking over at Ministry of Supply), but he is a kickass UX designer who got his stripes at a little-know company called Zappos. Follow Brian on Twitter @krianbalma.

briankalma2So Brian, what makes you happier?
I have found that what tends to boost my happiness levels are moments when I see progress towards goals. I used to think the pathway towards being happier was purely about following passions, while I still believe it is a pathway I am starting to learn that there are many happy moments that live outside the boundaries of passion.

Have you realized something about being happier that maybe you didn’t when, well, you were younger?
Yes, basically I learned how much my attitude in general aids my ability to be happier. When I was younger I waited for things to come to me, and when they did not I was sad or upset. As an adult (by age only) I realize that I control my ability to be happier way more than I ever could have imagined in my younger years.

You spent a good part of your career at Zappos, a company whose tagline is “Delivering happiness.” What did you learn there about being happier?

Simply put I learned how the happiness of others can assist my ability to be happier. Thus nudging me even more in the direction of positive thinking and action.

As a user experience designer, what are your favorite parts of your job?
Seeing people smile using products I design. Also, I get kicks out of solving defined problems, makes me smile!

Favorite happy food of all time?
Chicken cutlets!!!!

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