Thursday Inspiration: Neighbors

“I would like to reveal the meaning of who we are and what we are as neighbors to each other.”

Artist Bohyun Yoon’s project entitled “Neighbors” started with portraits he took of the members of his community in Philadelphia. Yoon photographed of all the diverse people he saw when moving to this city and transferred the prints in monotone color to glass plates. These glass plates, hung along a metal structure, were projected onto the wall using lamps.

Happier recently launched a new Discover tab. Here you can browse happy moments from the Happier community from “neighbors” near or far. It is through this window that we are able to see the commonality in what makes people happy. Bohyun Yoon said, “I am inspired to make work about multi-race populations demonstrating that even if skin, hair, or eye color are different—people are the same inside.” We all want to get happier and through our “neighbors” we can encourage and inspire each other to do so.

Learn more about the artist here and see more sources of inspiration on my design blog!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration: Neighbors

  1. As someone with a dark sense of humor who blogs self deprecation, I appreciate your blog immensely. I am always trying to bridge the gap between funny and just bitter and clever. Its a fine line and it’s not easy. Bitter and clever is easy. Its also mediocre and mostly not real helpful. People who write things like this help me find the sweet spot in writing and life. Thank you for your observations about happiness. They are wonderful. .
    P.S you also got me to post a non-sarcastic comment. Awesome.

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