How to be happier: Catch the happiness virus.

howtobehappier2Did you know that when your friends feel happier your chances of feeling more cheerful go up by 25%? Researchers have shown that on average, every happy person in your social network increases your positive outlook by about 9% – and the effects last up to one year!

The researchers used the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Index — a standard set of questions psychologists use to measure happiness — to analyze the cheeriness of the study participants. They found that when someone gets happy, that person’s friend experiences a 25 percent increased chance of becoming happy. A friend of that friend experiences a nearly 10 percent chance of increased happiness, and a friend of that friend has a 5.6 percent increased chance of happiness.

If you need a pick-me-up or your day is going sideways getting in touch with a friend or two who are more positive can help. You can even shoot them a “need happy!” SOS text or email or ask them to tell you something awesome going on in their lives.

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