Our new update to Happier is live!

We’re really excited about the latest update we’ve just released to the Happier app. The feedback from our community of users has been awesome, so keep it coming please! Here’s the link if you’ve not checked out the app yet.

Here’s what’s new:

 5 Introducing the new Discover tab!!! Now you can see happy moments from the Happier community, featured videos, happy quotes, and happiness research to inspire you to be, well, happier! (We’ve been live for just over 24 hours and there are literally hundreds of moments an hour pouring into Discover and making us smile 🙂

 – More moment privacy options. You can now choose to keep your moments completely private, share them with friends, or contribute them to the Happier community.

 – Post to Twitter in addition to Facebook.

 – New surprises if you share 4 moments in one day. Believe us, you want to give this a shot.

 – Improved invite friends options to make it way easier for you to find your friends on Happier. We made this pretty confusing before, sorry everyone.

 – Tons and tons of tweaks and polish to make Happier even more awesome. Because we can’t help ourselves.

We hope you guys give the new Happier a whirl and let us know if it’s making you smile. We’re always eager to hear feedback and ideas, so email team@happier.com any time. (Compliments are great too, we won’t lie.)

Thanks for being part of our community!

5 thoughts on “Our new update to Happier is live!

    • Hi, Kiran,

      There’s no secret formula – our team picks a selection of happy moments every day that inspire us to share them with the community. In our next few app updates we’re adding many more ways for our users to see each other’s public happy moments and even subscribe to each other.

      Thanks so much for being part of Happier – we hope it’s helping you smile 🙂

  1. I would like the happier app but my windows phone does not support it. Any possible way to download it in the near future?

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