Thursday Inspiration: Smile Bot

Built by the Los Angeles based creative studio, We Are Matik, this public art installation was created to promote happiness. Meet “Smile-Bot”, a happy, interactive bot that wants to spread smiles.

Peek through the portals of the bot’s wooden shell and you will see a colorful world inside. Smile and the bot will grow happier, changing color and playing music the more smiles he collects. If four people smile at the same time from each of the four portals then a new level is activated and a rainbow will appear. Smiling is contagious and something simple that can make us happier, whether we do it ourselves or receive one from someone else.

Like this bot, Happier is inspired to help spread smiles. In the app you can take a Photo Smile. When you see a friend’s moment that makes you happier just hold down the smile button. First it will fill up with orange but keep holding until you see the color teal. Continue to let the teal color fill up and it will launch the smile camera! You can then send your smiling face to someone you care about. Give it a try and send a

See more sources of inspiration on my design blog!

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