Thursday Inspiration: Rainbow Walls

StruyckenThis week’s source of inspiration comes from Peter Struycken‘s light installation at the Netherlands Architecture Institute. Struycken installed lamps in primary colors to project onto the walls. 550 feet of concrete are continually transformed and made happier by layering and blending the light to make different color combinations every 10 minutes.

I’m very interested in the use of color. Happier’s brand is predominantly orange but I also like to work with the full color spectrum here and there to bring a bright and energetic feeling to our app and brand materials. What I also love about Struycken’s art installation is that it is dynamic! Having the colors change is very exciting and surprising for the viewer. This type of delightful experience is something we want to do more of in the app so we’re working on a new dynamic feature that will also be a source of inspiration! Stay tuned.

Check out more of Peter Struycken’s work here and see more sources of inspiration on my design blog!

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