What makes you happier, Britt Reints?

series_whatmakesyouhappierThis week we chat with Britt Reints – a writer, traveler, mom, blogger and someone who shares our passion for finding small happy moments in everyday. Britt blogs at In Pursuit of Happiness and you can also follow her @missbritt.

What makes you happier, Britt?
I think two things that I’ve learned that make me happiest are creating things and connecting with people. And travel will always be one of my most beloved things.

Have you realized somethinbrittreintsg about being happier that maybe you didn’t when, well, you were younger?
I used to think that if I could be more like other people, I would be happier. I’ve realized since that I am more like other people than I realized, AND that a lot of people who appear “normal” aren’t as happy as I’d like to be.


Your absolute favorite happy place is…
On a warm beach by the ocean.

What advice would you give your kids about being happy?
The biggest thing I hope my kids hear is that they can choose happiness. They still seem convinced that what happens to or around them is what makes them happy.

What do you dig about using Happier?
My favorite part is seeing what makes other people happy!

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One thought on “What makes you happier, Britt Reints?

  1. The freedom to be lazy on a weekend, relaxing and listening to songs that I haven’t heard for years.. that makes me happier :-)…

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