Thursday Inspiration: Goldfish Phone Booths

goldfish_phoneboothSome of my favorite sources of inspiration are public art installations that alter existing elements (whether man made or found in nature) and transform them into something completely new.

An example of this is the amazing goldfish tank project created by the group 金魚部, or “Goldfish Club,” in which university design students repurposed Osaka’s phone booths, turning them into live goldfish tanks. In Japanese culture goldfish are seen as a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

This image encourages me to remember that sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to change the way people see things. City phone booths tend to go unnoticed, especially in a world of mobile phones. This project gives them life in an unexpected way. You can’t help but stop and smile. I encourage you to pause more often during what may seem like just your typical day. Start looking for unexpected happy moments or creating new ways of seeing. You’d be surprised how much you’ll start smiling.

See more sources of inspiration on my design blog!

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