What makes you happier? Kicking off our Friday interviews!

series_whatmakesyouhappierWe’re kicking off our Friday ‘What makes you happier?’ interview series with someone really special and dear to our Happier hearts.

Cristy was one of the very first users of our app and has been an incredible supporter of our vision (as well as someone who has shared tons of really helpful feedback that’s helped make Happier better!) We’re lucky to have her as part of our extended Happier family.

Cristy, what makes you happieDSC01345r?
While I knew this to be true, according to my Happier stats, my family is the tops for making me happier. But also, beautiful nature images, simple gratefulness and real organic kindness.

Have you realized something about being happier that maybe you didn’t when, well, you were younger?
When I was younger life was about living in the present. As I get older, life becomes textured by experience. There are two ways to look at it: Either see the texture as added value to life or get bogged down by the complexity of it all. I think even the best optimist can get lost in the day-to-day and feel overwhelmed and even depressed by some of life’s harder textures. So being happier is a constant maintenance and almost Buddhist monk-like practice. Like marriage and friendships and family-ships, being happier requires commitment.

Favorite feel-good movie? (We don’t judge, seriously.)
Judge away: Center Stage. A horrible little ditty about young’ns trying the achieve their dreams of dancing in NYC with the ballet. Watch it. It makes sunshine.

What do you dig about using Happier?
There are so many things. First, it’s organic for me:  It’s an app that keeps me accountable and that helps improve my daily life. It supports my natural goals of trying to live better and to enjoy life.

I love that for me, it’s an intimate exercise, unlike the public ferocity of Facebook. I share my happy moments with a small group of soulmates, who truly know my heart and my intent, and celebrate, lift, and cheer me on daily.

I love that the design winks at the simplicity of being a kid, with the loading screen resembling a picnic table scratched with initials. I love the functionality of the app, with hidden treats and daily reminders. While simple in concept, it promotes positive introspection. The size of some of my collections surprises me as I now have visual proof of what makes me happier. Sometimes they help me see areas I can give more focus — perhaps I should consider motivating myself to make ‘working out’ a more frequent collection! 🙂

Cristy is 34 years old and lives in Boston.

Download Happier for your iPhone and start collecting the happy moments in your life.

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